Absolute Hot Yoga

Your Yoga Studio's signature class, derived from the Absolute Yoga studio in Thailand where Tara and Carrianne completed their hot yoga teacher training.

Absolute Yoga is known worldwide and is comparitive to the Bikram brand in that it is a set sequence of trained, Hatha yoga poses practiced in a heated studio.

You practice pose-by-pose, using static poses, practiced in a mirror to study and achieve the proper alignment.

Working your entire body, including your core, for an complete body and mind workout!

Both the 60 and 90 minute classes start with standing postures, followed by a floor series.

Absolute Hot Yoga is suitable for ALL, including beginners, and always includes progressive postures for those ready to step up their practice to the next level.

Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for all levels and abilities.

If you need to leave class after 60 minutes, we will inform you when 60 minutes have passed.