Happy Body, Happy Mind

December 2nd 2015 11164631_628041780672722_1075783373370123361_n.png

We LOVE yoga so we thought we'd share 7 reasons why practicing is the answer to a healthier, happier, lighter, more flexible, more energetic and relaxed version of you... 


The beauty of yoga is that you can start at any level and improve over time. All yoga poses provide you with strength, so the more you practice the ligher and stronger your body will feel and the easier the poses will be to hold and flow into; meaning you can move into more advanced poses as your abilities and confidence improves. 


Once the poses become easier you'll find your body feeling refreshed and revitalised after a hot yoga class. Certain poses help to boost your good energy, helping to flush out any negative energy trapped in the body...happy baby anyone? 


Over time your regular yoga practice is giving you more balance, more strength, more flexibility and overall more confidence inside and out, which will work wonders in the bedroom. 


A hot yoga class is a fantastic way to unpile the pounds and get your body into amazing shape inside and out. Regular yoga will strengthen your body, build lean muscle and improve your metabolism which means you'll be burning lots of unwanted calories whilst practicing Vinyasa Flow. As you begin to see your body change for the better, a healthy diet alongside your practice will further put a smile on your face.


Sometimes the pain we experience, especially in the colder seasons is down to the lack of movement in our daily lives. Pain is the body’s answer to atrophy, so most of the time just getting up and moving around will make many of those aches and pains go away. If you drive to work every morning or sit at a desk all day, make yoga your new best friend and stretch your way to a healthier and happier body.


No more feeling sluggish, yoga improves your metabolism helping to beat the bloat, boost your energy and overall help the digestion process, meaning you'll even be burning calories long after class whilst your sitting at the desk in work or nodding off at night. Hallelujah!  


After 60 minutes in the hot room you'll have released all your pent up energy, meaning you shouldn't have any trouble falling asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow. Yoga helps to relax the nervous system and quiet the mind, allowing you to free yourself from any thoughts that might keep you awake at night. Take some time out and enjoy a night free of tossing and turning.