Every journey begins with the first step

April 23rd 2015 Sean---News-Story-APR15.jpg

Introducing Sean Barnes, one of our many regulars here at Your Yoga Studio!

Sean became actively involved in sport when he was just six years old, starting with the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, but as with many kids that age, he began playing football too, which is sort of the law in Liverpool for a young lad! Still, he always knew deep down that he wanted to be involved in martial arts and self-defence.

Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson were his sporting idols growing up and he strives to emulate their achievements.

On this journey, he has studied and trained in several different styles, and along the way he has attained a brown belt in Kick Boxing, a blue sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu, become a qualified Personal Trainer, and had a couple of competitive Kick Boxing bouts, winning both! Yoga has also become a key element to his training.

Sean is planning a trip to Asia as part of this very long and fulfilling journey, and hopes he can add many more achievements to his list as well as pass on his knowledge, just as those who have taught him have so kindly done.